Myths About Counselors

When we hear the word counselor we all start to have different pictures in our heads.  In reality, counselors are professional people who are trained to listen to problems, help you walk through those problems and devise a solution.  When seeking out counseling services gulfport, here are some misconceptions you can expect.

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You don’t talk about your mother

One of the biggest stereotypes is that when you go to a counselor that you will be placed on a couch, given a teddy bear and asked to talk about your mother.  This is not the case.  When you go to a counselor you are taken into a nicely arranged office and the door is shut behind you.  There you will be asked a series of questions, so the counselor knows who you are and what your general issues are.  From there, she will start working through these issues in a specific way allowing you to discover the answers buried deep within.

Counselors can’t read your mind

If you have ever watched the popular television program Star Trek The Next Generation then you may be familiar with the character of Counselor Diana Troi.  This character on Stat Trek is a mind reading counselor.  On the show she is able to sense emotions and do other things that bring her to conclusions as to what is needed for the mental health of all on the Enterprise.

In the real-world counselors can’t read your mind.  They can look at tells, relate to specific events and patterns of behavior, but they can’t read your mind.  This is why it is important that you talk to your counselor about any issues that you may be experiencing.  It is through this process that they will be able to create a treatment plan that will move you back to a level of normal living.