What Are Post Hire Background Screens?

Many employees (and some employers) may think that the background checking process is done when the papers are signed to officially hire someone and bring them into the company. After all, doesn’t hiring someone mean you went through their background checks already and were happy with what you found?

Yes, but you might be surprised to learn that post-hire background screening is becoming more and more common among businesses. Why is this a good idea?

The Thoughts Behind Post-Hire Background Screens

Many employers may decide to continue doing routine background check on their employees to ensure they are staying compliant with the policies of the company, as well as adhering to the law during their off hours. For example, businesses may find out through this process that an employee was arrested or charged for something during their off hours and you might have never found out about it.

Depending on your industry, you could be placed at risk if your employees have engaged in illegal behavior, especially if you work in a field like childcare, education, or something similar. This is another great reason you might think about doing continuous background screening on your employees. You should make sure you let your employees know that this is something you are planning to do if you decide to make the policy effective.

post-hire background screening

Being up to date with your employees through post-hire background screening will be a great way you ensure that you are mitigating potential risks, keeping safety a priority in the workplace, and more. If you think it is something that could be of use in your business, then you will find that implementing the policy is simple.

Just decide on a routine basis to background screen everyone in your company, and have an order filled through a third party background screener. A good rule of thumb could be to do this annually.